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Watchdog Discord Bot 1.0.1-fix

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About Watchdog Discord Bot




This discord bot is meant to be used with the plugin Watchdog

The purpose of this bot is to read the custom file format of the Combatlog & Compressed demo files.

How to create a discord bot:
    1. Go to: https://discord.com/developers/applications
    2. Create a new application. You can name it whatever you want.
    3. Go to Bot section on the left.
    4. Click Add Bot
    5. Click on Reset Token
    6. Copy that token and save it for later
    7. (Optional but recommended) You can make the bot private so only you can invite it to servers
    8. Go to the OAuth2 section on the left
    9. Click on URL Generator
    10. Click on the Bot check (Permissions below are optional)
    11. Copy the link at the bottom
    12. Go to that link by pasting it in the URL box of your browser
    13. Select the server you want to invite the bot to.
    14. Click Authorize button
    15. You are DONE! Thats it.

Prepare & run the bot:
    1. Go to the files folder (its inside the folder this readme is in)
    2. Edit the appropriate file for your server's operating system
    3. Replace the PLACE_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE with the token you copied earlier
    4. Replace the PLACE_YOUR_DIR_TO_RUST_SERVER_HERE with the directory of your server (absolute directory is recommended). If the directory contains spaces or using the linux script surround the directory with double quotes like this: "/path/to/my rust server"
    5. Make sure you have Java version 18. (It might work on older versions but the bot was made & tested on this version specifically)
    6. If you are on linux make sure to make the shell script executable with the command: chmod +x ./RunLinux.sh
    7. Run the script and thats it, the bot will be running & working as long as this script is running

How to use the bot:
    - Now to use the bot you go in any channel of the server you just type slash and the commands will appear
    - By default the bot requires you to have Administrator permission to use the command, you can change this & add custom permission for the commands by doing the following:
        1. go into the discord server's settings
        2. Go to Integrations
        3. Select your bot
        4. You can select which roles/members can use the commands and which channels the commands can be used in

The commands are:
/demofile retrieve user:UserId file:FileName - Retrieves & decompress a demo for the specified user
/demofile delete user:UserId file:FileName - Deletes the demo file from the server's demo directory
/combatlog retrieve user:UserId log_origin:LogOrigin before_date:Date after_date:Date max_entries:Number - Retrieves combatlog entry/entries for the specified user with the applied filters
/combatlog delete - Delete the combatlog file (to free up space if it gets too large)

The commands have even more information that you see as you type them in discord

If you need anything you can contact me on discord: turner#7777

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