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About paBots RustMaps Module

paBots RustMaps Module is a Python Discord bot module for the custom and FREE paBots Autoloader. It allows you to host your map manager Discord bot on your Pterodactyl panel and access it in ANY Discord server you choose. 

Included Features

  • Integrated map generation – allows you to generate maps from RustMaps directly to your Discord server.
  • Basic map preview feature – allows you to send map previews to a specified channel.
  • Autowiper support – allows you to modify your auto wipers settings file and prepare your server for the next wipe.
  • Comprehensive config – allowing you to modify almost every aspect of the module.
  • Detailed setup instructions – provides you a detailed overview of how to set up the module and autoloader from start to finish.
  • Self-hosted files – lets you run the bot on your high-powered servers.
  • Full support – to help you fix or implement any desired feature.




  • /generate – Allows you to generate a map using one of your saved configs from RustMaps. Allows you to select config name, map size, seed, and if its for staging.
  • /preview – Sends a simple Map Preview to a designated channel.
  • /setnextwipe – (Requires an autowiper) Updates your autowiper's configuration to use a certain map.
  • /show – Allows you to see the server names, monthly limit of generations, and config names.



  • Requires RustMaps Subscription – You must have an ACTIVE RustMaps subscription for this to work.
  • Limited to Pterodactyl The autowiper support is limited to pterodactyl. However, I am HAPPY to help set it up for whatever panel you use.


Special Thanks

  • Mr. Blue – Allowing me to use RustMaps' name and logo's within the bot.
  • lencorp – Allowing me to add native integration with his autowiper.

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