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Raidable Bases (Tier 1 Package) - Plugin sold separately. Bundle available. 1.0.4


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About Raidable Bases (Tier 1 Package) - Plugin sold separately. Bundle available.

Complete tier 1 package for the Raidable Bases plugin. Core plugin sold separately.



This package includes everything you need to avoid the hassle of having to setup the plugin.

Time is money, and not having to spend hours or days setting everything up is a game changer.

All bases can be viewed at https://imgur.com/a/FxKVBGI – First 2 bases for each difficulty are included in tier 1.


  • 2 bases (copypaste files) for every difficulty
  • difficulty loot tables for each difficulty
  • base loot tables for every profile
  • profiles for each difficulty
  • the configuration file
  • easy to understand instructions

This is the perfect starter package for someone just becoming familiar with the plugin.


Plugin sold separately.


Instructions (available in zip file)



Before proceeding please unload RaidableBases by typing in the server console: o.unload RaidableBases

If you already have Raidable Bases installed then you should remove the config file and the RaidableBases data files

These files can be found in:

- oxide/config/RaidableBases.json file
- oxide/data/RaidableBases/ folder

Next, navigate to the /oxide/ folder on your FTP server

You will see the following:

1. config
2. data
3. lang
4. logs
5. plugins
6. oxide.config.json

In this package you will find 2 folders:

1. config
2. data

Copy the 2 folders from this package into the /oxide/ folder

Congratulations, you've just installed the package!

Type in the server console: o.reload RaidableBases

This will load all of the new files, and information regarding each loot table will be shown in the server console.

Next, type in the server console: rb.config list

This will list all of the files found in this package in the oxide/data/copypaste/ folder.

If you do not see these files listed then repeat the process again and pay extra attention to the instructions.



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