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2x Server Setup (Full & Complete 2x Server) 1.0.3

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About 2x Server Setup (Full & Complete 2x Server)

About 2x Server Setup (Full & Complete 2x Server)

This 2x Server allows you to get your rust server up and running quickly and easily without the hassle. 


Hassle free setup: Installing can take as little as 5 minutes. Eliminating the countless frustrating days it takes to setup a server.

Balanced setup: All loot tables are perfectly balanced to enhance gameplay for all players on your server.

Teleportation: Players can teleport to anyone with a simple command as long as they are not combat or raid blocked.

Blocked Teleportation: Players who are combat / raid blocked will not be able to teleport or trade for a set period of time.

Rust Skins: Players will get access to all rust skins when using the /s command. (If you do not own skinbox you can uses skins from UMOD for free!)

Admin Tools: Users with admin permissions will be able to vanish and moderate other players.

And so much more features below!


What's included?

- Better chat config


- Better Loot config

- Automated events

- Automatic Authorization

- Fancy Drop config

- Furnace Splitter

- 2x Quick Smelt

- 2x Gather Manager

- Image Library

- No escape config

- NTeleportation config 

- Custom Recycler Speeds

- Stack Size modifications

- Always in stock vending machines.

- Welcome Panel + UI Addons (CONFIG)

- Skin Box (CONFIG)

- Clans Reborn (CONFIG)


Not all plugins have to be used. You can also modify all of the plugins to your exact liking if you wish to change anything. All of the items above are already modified for a 3x server. 

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