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About 24 Hour Clock

Just a basic 24 hour clock; feel free to use this as an idea on how to make this yourself or to paste it into your own server. I didn't go all in and make this clock look fancier, as the purpose of this was to just give an idea on how to make this yourself. Just flick the switch when you are ready for your clock to begin. Please note I found this idea on Rustrician, I just made a few slight changes to make the clock actually work.

If you wanted to build this yourself, you would require;

  • Power Source (requires 25 power minimum)
  • 8 Electrical Branches
  • 1 Timer
  • 1 Switch
  • 1 Blocker
  • 3 Counters

Total cost - 1075 Metal Frags


To paste this into your server, you will require the CopyPaste plugin which can be downloaded for free here. Simply upload the 24HourClock.json into the data/copypaste folder inside your server.

If you would like a Fortify version of this, let me know and I'll make that too. 



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