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Discord Bot for Rust Server Owners 1.1.1

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About Discord Bot for Rust Server Owners

Rust Bot

Fully translatable Rust Bot for Discord.



  • r/stats steamid - Shows users global Rust stats
  • r/serverstats - Shows stats for servers listed in config.js
  • r/bans steamid - Shows bans for given Steam ID
  • r/resolveid - Resolves users Steam ID from their Vanity URL
  • r/totalplayers - Shows current active Rust player count
  • r/rustnews - Fetches configurable amount of news articles containing Rust
  • r/blacklist IP - Checks if the IP is blacklisted by Facepunch

New in 1.1.0

r/hours steamid - Show players total Rust hours

r/userinfo @user - Show general information about discord user

r/mapcheck seed size - Show info of given map


You can now send RCON commands to your server!


rc/kick {player} {reason} - Kicks the player of the server

rc/ban {player} {reason} {time}  - Bans the player for given hours

You can send any RCON commands directly to the server with the rc/ prefix.

You can specify the Discord users seperately in config.js that can send RCON commands.


Support & Suggestions



How to install

You can either use a bot hosting company or rent a VPS yourself.

If you install on your own systems, you will need NodeJS and NPM installed.

The dependencies are listed in package.json.

User Feedback

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