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Better Rust Server Batch Script 1.6.0

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About Better Rust Server Batch Script

I'm still working on the major update that will be including loads of custom settings so you can customize many things like weather chance, individual npc population and much much more, but it wasn't gonna be ready for a little while so v1.6 should fix the problem with the server/rcon ip setting


This is a batch script for launching your server, its styled in a .ini config style it has a very detailed configuration section and a few nifty toggles for switching settings on or off like

Define the config you are using ( main | test )

Define the style of map your server is using ( seed | custom )

Enable or disable Server Passwords ( true | false )

Enable or disable Debug Logs ( true | false )

Enable or disable Multiple IP's ( true | false )

iv always thought the default server batch script was really under explained and you always had to go around reading a bunch of stuff on sites to figure out all the different inputs so i just consolidated the better settings into a single configuration file for ease of use.

most of the settings have a description that explains what the setting does

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