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  1. Krungh Crow


    After a wipe images will not download. It resolves itself overtime after many restarts but its not always fixing itself leaving the black error icons
  2. Changed Status from Work in Progress to Closed Changed Fixed In to 1.1.0
  3. Can there be a option added to have a delay on the buttons showing for x seconds ?
  4. Changed Status from No Response to Work in Progress
  5. started making one no eta when its finished
  6. i been checking the passthrough part and it seems to be client side some items have a power consumption factor but most dont have them open for public or not added in the basecode public float passthroughItemConditionLossPerSec = 1f; Might do the trick but i am still testing it on my testserver. Thats a nope
  7. personaly i use bradley_crate in a loot plugin but it can be done
  8. runs fine on testserver. can reload the plugin as temp fix possibly
  9. thats a rust bug as far as i know but ill have a test about that Seeing Umod BG has same issue
  10. that is imagelibrary not updating it will update eventualy (i hope)
  11. doing some testing with that. adding a check to see if it spawns inside a base and will disable the spawn (sillent kill) and notify it in console. [Walking Dead] walker[2110121] was not spawned beceause it wanted to spawn inside yeah i use it on my own server(s) too and regarding price i just want it to be worth it and not being overpriced so even a lowbudget server could afford it. + half of the sales is donated back to codefling website since they a awsome bunch and very helpfull
  12. so when its having it wanting to spawn on a foundation i guess. ill see if i can build something in to prevent that or have it spawn ferther outside Sucks so bad bots cant walk on it ^^
  13. flag: Houses don't break. How can you add windows, wooden doors, iron doors .... Which break? If this is possible, how do you do it? I am from Russia therefore the translation difficulties. Translation
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