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About Shipment (COD)

Welcome to a reimagined version of the adrenaline-pumping chaos found in the COD Shipment map, now meticulously crafted for Rust! This custom prefab delivers a frenetic, close-quarters combat experience within the Rust universe. Every corner, container, and crate has been thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the iconic Shipment map, intensifying the fast-paced action that Rust players crave.

Designed with optimization in mind, this prefab is light, ensuring higher FPS rates without compromising the heart-pounding gameplay. With a carefully curated prefab count of 484, this map offers a seamless, intense battleground where every move counts. Expect relentless engagements, strategic cover placements, and swift maneuvering as you navigate through this compact yet exhilarating environment.



Prefab Name: Shipment v0.5

Prefab Count: 484200.gif?cid=cd79e436r4pivqnkzl6ssgtfo24h9hbd15r0g0mdox1g9wy6&ep=v1_gifs_search&rid=200.gif&ct=g


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