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About Buildable Floating Rig

Immerse yourself in a world of survival, discovery, and wealth with our buildable oil platform! In this thrilling survival game, your task is to build a working base on the high seas and overcome all the challenges you have to face. With our buildable oil rig, you have the perfect tool to realize your dreams of survival and prosperity in the unforgiving environment of the ocean.

Sustainable energy production: An important element of any base is the energy supply. Our oil platform allows you to use renewable energy such as wind power and solar power to power your base. Adapt your energy production to the needs of your platform and make sure you can survive in this inhospitable environment.

Exploration and Expansion: Use your buildable oil platform as a starting point for exciting journeys of discovery. Use boats or scuba gear to explore the surrounding marine life, recover valuable treasures, and discover mysterious places. Expand your platform to unlock new features and opportunities that will help you survive in the hostile environment.

Defense and security: The ocean harbors numerous dangers, from violent storms to hungry predators. Make sure your buildable oil rig is well protected. Build defenses such as fences, watchtowers or automated defense systems to fend off enemy attacks and protect your base and resources.

Prefab count with deco: 917

Prefab count without deco: 814

Foundation count: 192

The platform has a room for free use inside and is accessible via a container entrance. At the bottom there is a 360 degree camera whose code you can change in rustedit. There is a jetty with a staircase and plenty of space to store rhibs and submarines. There is also a room with a refinery on the platform. The doors can be locked and screwed and the deco version offers amenities such as a functional radio, chairs, grill and repair bench.

The prefabs has no height ,splat, topology, biome. Just place it on the ocean (beware of your cargo path) and fit it to the water line. Break the prefab and select the camera to set a new id.

I provide no installation service. RustEdit basic knowledge is needed to use the prefabs.

If you have questions, contact me @Discord Rawbeef-Dirk#1027

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