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If you need help or have questions regarding the map don't hesitate to contact me here or via my personal discord : 


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About Arctic Grotto [ Building Spot ]

Arctic Grotto is a 1 grid and a half size island ( see pictures for size reference) built for off shore player base building , the top of the island is reachable from the side of the island or by flying , the inside is reachable by boat or swimming.

There are spots to build bases inside the grotto and on top/sides of the island !

A blue key card garage is on top of the island that can only be opened with a blue keycard.

No loot present this is just a base building location!

For trees and edibles to spawn properly when adding this to your map make sure you delete Ocean topology , it is removed by default but the moment you add it on your map it will be added back to  it , otherwise nothing will spawn around the island , if you don't know how to you can contact me and i can guide you to do it!

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