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TugID 1.0.0

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About TugID

Introducing the go-to Rust plugin for adding a personal touch to your tugboat in Rust. Developed by Richard Hertz, this plugin lets you show off your tugboat's name in style, adding a new layer of immersion and personalization to the game.

Special thank you to Reziem for the inspiration!

TugID is packed with multiple features including:

  • Customizable Tugboat Names: TugID allows you to rename your tugboat, ensuring it stands out from the crowd.
  • Bad Word Filter: You can enable a bad word filter to prevent the use of offensive names.
  • Permissions-Based Cooldowns: The plugin has a cooldown feature for changing tugboat names. VIP users can enjoy shorter cooldowns.
  • Customizable Background Image: You can set a custom image for the tugboat's information display.
  • Chat Prefix Customization: You can customize the chat prefix for all tugID messages.
  • Chat Steam ID Icon: You can set a specific Steam ID icon to display in chat for tugID messages.


  • tugid.use: Allows the player to change their tugboat's name.
  • tugid.vip1: Reduces the cooldown to change the tugboat's name for VIP1 players.
  • tugid.vip2: Further reduces the cooldown for VIP2 players.
  • tugid.vip3: Offers the shortest cooldown for VIP3 players.


  • /tugid [name]: This command allows you to change the name of your tugboat to the provided name. You can use <color=[color or #Hex]>[Tugboat Name]</color> to give your name color.
  • /tugid_remove: If you ever feel like your tugboat should go anonymous, this command removes the custom name of your tugboat.
  • /tugid_help: Need a quick guide on how to use TugID? This command provides help and instructions for the plugin.

JSON Variables:

  • BackgroundImageUrl: The URL of the image that will be used as the background for the tugboat's info display.
  • FilterBadWords: A boolean value that determines whether the bad words filter is enabled.
  • ChatPrefix: The prefix for all TugID messages in chat.
  • ChatSteamIDIcon: The Steam ID that will have its avatar shown in chat for all TugID messages.
  • CooldownDefault: The default cooldown time (in minutes) for changing tugboat names.
  • CooldownVIP1: The reduced cooldown time for VIP1 users.
  • CooldownVIP2: The even more reduced cooldown for VIP2 users.
  • CooldownVIP3: The shortest cooldown time, reserved for VIP3 users.

TugID is a remarkably customizable plugin, with extensive options housed within its JSON configuration file. In addition, it provides a language file, allowing server administrators to tailor chat messages to their liking, supporting localization and facilitating player engagement. This blend of customizable features and user-focused design ensures TugID is a robust and valuable addition to any Rust server, elevating gameplay with its unique capabilities.

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