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The Door Knocker 1.4.3

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Message added by Cannabis,

If you are updating from <1.4.0 to 1.4.0+ make sure you delete your lang, config and data files beforehand.

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About The Door Knocker

Allows players to fire off more than 1 rocket at a time if they have enough rockets in their inventory.

Credits to @TomHudfor the idea!



  "Permissions and allowed max rockets per permission": {
    "thedoorknocker.basic": 2,
    "thedoorknocker.vip": 3,
    "thedoorknocker.example": 69
  "Chat based command (/{command} {bool | # | toggle [basic, hv, fire, smoke]}": "tdk",
  "Rocket spread (Larger number means more spread lower number means less spread)": 4.0,
  "Rocket types to block?": [
  "Default player data": {
    "Enable TDK by default?": true,
    "Amount of rockets sent by default": 1
  "Clean up old player data?": true,
  "How many days since last connection should data be erased?": 7.0,
  "Should TDK take durability per extra rocket?": false,
  "Amount of durability taken per 1 rocket": 1,
  "Wipe data every map wipe?": true,
  "Custom rocket speeds (For additional rockets fired)": {
    "Basic rocket speed": 22,
    "HV rocket speed": 44,
    "Smoke rocket speed": 22,
    "Fire rocket speed": 22


  • `/tdk {true/false | 1-Max allowed | toggle [basic, hv, fire, smoke]}



  • thedoorknocker.x - Defined in config
  • thedoorknocker.use

Coming soon:

  • CUI For adjusting settings

Any suggestions for this plugin are welcome!

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