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About Quarry Locker

Locks the quarry or pump jack a player has placed.


Chat Commands

/quarryteam - Enables a players team to access their quarry that the player has placed



quarrylocker.team - Allows players to use /quarryteam command

quarrylocker.admin - Allows players to open any container or toggle the engine of any quarry



  "Enable Team Quarry Share": true,
  "Players Can Toggle Other Players Quarry Engine": false


  "QuarryTeamShareActivated": "Quarry Team share has been activated",
  "QuarryTeamShareDeactivated": "Quarry Team share has been deactivated",
  "NoPermission": "You dont have the permissions to use this command",
  "NotAuthorized": "This Quarry does not belong to you!",
  "ToggleEngine": "You are unable to toggle the engine of this quarry!"

Thank you to Bsdinis for helping me out with this plugin

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