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Drug Business 0.45

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About Drug Business


Looking for some business, eh?



Introduces a drug farming system to the server to enhance the gameplay

Give the role players a motive to live.



  • /db.vpn (Works for both chat & console) - Spawns a vpn which must be held in the belt and is required to access the black market through a computer station. (Admin only)
  • /process - Opens the drug processing and packaging menu, must be entered while looking at a workbench level 3 for marijuana and mixing table for cocaine
  • /spawndealer (optional parameter for name) - Spawns a dealer which can be further customized in the data file for example, regular spawning time, unique clothing to each dealer, etc (Admin only)
  • /deletedealer ("perma" optional parameter) - Use this command while looking at the dealer, this will make them disappear for a while until the next time they're supposed to spawn, use "perma" as a optional parameter this will permanently clear them and never spawn back. (Admin only)



  • Players are required to find a vpn (custom item) in order to access the black market.
  • Accessing a Computer Station with a VPN in the belt will access the Black Market, from here they'll be able to order weed or coca seeds.
  • A drone will deliver it to them shortly, they're supposed to plant the seeds, grow the plant and harvest it on time
  • Once done, they can now proceed further and process/package the material gotten off the plant, this can be done by standing near a workbench level 3 for weed and mixing table for coca and using the command /process (configurable)
  • Packaged bricks can be sold to dealers available across the map, they're forced to spawn in a specific time (configurable) and they spawn randomly also configurable



  "Basic Settings": {
    "Hours From The Dealers Will Be Available": 0.0,
    "Hours Till The Dealers Will Be Available": 24.0,
    "Loading Screen Update Rate (Seconds) [Don't make it too small]": 0.035,
    "Loading Screen Anchor Shifting [Left - Right]": 0.001
  "VPN Settings": {
    "Item Info": {
      "Display Name": "VPN Flash Drive",
      "Skin ID": 2645299478,
      "Require In Belt": true,
      "Spawn Command": "db.vpn"
  "Drug Settings": {
    "Use (Economics / Server Rewards / Scraps)": "economics",
    "Currency Symbol": "$",
    "Marijuana Seeds": {
      "Cost per seed": 40.0
    "Peruvian Coca Seeds": {
      "Cost per seed": 40.0
  "Drone Settings": {
    "Drone Spawn Distance (Default: 210)": 210,
    "Drone Spawn Height (Default: 78)": 78,
    "Drone Delivery Height (Default: 40)": 40
  "Crafting Settings": {
    "Cocaine Leaves Required": 5,
    "Cocaine Powder Required": 10,
    "Cannabis Required": 5,
    "Marijuana Required": 10
  "Dealer Settings": {
    "Maximum Dealers at a time (will pick random from the data)": 3,
    "Dealer Name": "Dealer",
    "Default Outfit": [
        "Item": "tshirt",
        "Skin": 838212999
        "Item": "pants",
        "Skin": 866948432
        "Item": "hat.beenie",
        "Skin": 814355387
        "Item": "shoes.boots",
        "Skin": 1889769313
        "Item": "mask.bandana",
        "Skin": 2312147084
    "Weed Brick": {
      "Bricks Sell Quantity": 1,
      "Time Taken For Single Trade (Seconds)": 30,
      "Brick Selling Price": 120
    "Cocaine Brick": {
      "Bricks Sell Quantity": 1,
      "Time Taken For Single Trade (Seconds)": 30,
      "Brick Selling Price": 160


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