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ChickenEvent 1.1.2

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About ChickenEvent


This plugin enables players to trigger an entertaining event in Rust - the so-called "Chicken Event". If a player has the required authorisation, they can start the event. During the event, chickens are spawned near the player and the goal is to shoot as many chickens as possible. After a set time, the event ends and the players with the most chicken kills receive rewards. The plugin tracks the performance of the players and determines the winners based on their kills.

The main functions of the plugin are:

Launching of the Chicken Event by eligible players.

Randomly spawning chickens near the player.

Tracking the number of chickens shot down by each player.

Announcement of winners and their rewards at the end of the event.

This plugin adds a fun activity to the game of Rust and rewards players who are successful in this event. It's a great way to encourage player interaction on your server and have fun.

You can start the ChickenEvent command:


To use the command, you need the authorization:




  "EventDuration": 30,
  "ChickenSpawnRadius": 20.0,
  "WinItemShortname": "rock",
  "WinItemCount": 1,
  "WinItemSkinId": 2843316584,
  "VipGroup": "vip",
  "VipDuration": 7


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load, run, enjoy

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