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Animal Control 1.0.1

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About Animal Control

Unleash the power of nature in your game with the Animal Control Plugin! With this highly customizable tool, you can control the variety and frequency of animal spawns on your server, creating a more immersive and dynamic environment for your players to explore.


  • Flexible Animal Spawning: Populate your server with a diverse array of animal types, from the smallest critters to the fiercest predators.
  • Biome-Based and Topology-Based Spawning: Set animals to spawn in specific biomes or topologies, preserving the authenticity of your world's ecosystems.
  • Highly Customizable Settings: Configure the grid size, biomes, topologies, and respawn timers for each type of animal.
  • Efficient and Optimized: The plugin leverages a queue system and timers to manage animal spawns effectively without hampering server performance.
  • Clean Unloading: Animal Control ensures a clean slate. All spawned animals are effectively removed, leaving no loose ends.
  • Admin Permissions: Ensure secure and controlled use of plugin functions by limiting command access to server administrators.
  • Command Support: Manage your animal populations with admin commands such as /animals_spawn, /animals_kill, and /animals_show.

Configurable JSON Variables:

  • Animal Type: You can set types like bear, boar, chicken, polar bear, scarecrow, shark, and wolf. For each animal type, there are several attributes:
    • Biomes: Determines in which biomes the animal can spawn. Each biome is assigned a true or false value. A true value means that the animal can spawn in that biome, while false means it cannot.
    • Enabled: This boolean flag determines whether this animal type is enabled for spawning. If true, the animal can spawn; if false, it cannot.
    • GridSize: Specifies the size of the grid area within which this type of animal will spawn.
    • SpawnChance: Defines the probability that this animal will spawn. A value of 0.0 means it will never spawn, while a value of 1.0 means it will always spawn if conditions are met.
    • Topologies: Similar to biomes, but for different types of topology. Each topology is assigned a true or false value. A true value means the animal can spawn in that topology, while false means it cannot.
  • RespawnTime: This attribute determines the interval (in seconds) for automatic animal respawning.
  • RespawnTimer: This boolean value determines whether the respawn timer is enabled (true) or not (false). If it's true, animals will respawn automatically after the specified RespawnTime. If false, animals will not respawn automatically.
  • EnableDefaultAnimalSpawn: This option controls whether the default Rust animal spawning mechanism is used. Set to false to only use animal spawns from this plugin.
  • AutoStartup: Determines whether the plugin should automatically start managing animal spawns on server startup.

This structure allows for precise, granular control over the types and distributions of animals in your game environment.

Chat Commands:

  • /animals_spawn: Spawn all animal types according to the defined configuration (Admin permission required).
  • /animals_kill: Exterminate all spawned animals and clear the spawn queue (Admin permission required).
  • /animals_show: Display the locations of all currently spawned animals, marked with spheres (Admin permission required).


Only players with administrator privileges are permitted to use the chat commands associated with this plugin.

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