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Mark - Bandit Base 1.0.0


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About Mark - Bandit Base

This is my first monument, I obviously used the bandit boathouse prefab as a base and expanded from there. There's a lot of detail so I know that can effect performance. I've tweaked things a little to improve FPS. 

This monument consists of - 

  • Some scattered crates, a toolbox and barrels outside rooms.
  • Green room (open for 120 seconds)(When the fuse it put into the green fuseboxbox the blue LED will start flashing to indicate the monument is in use) - 2x Normal crates, 2x Medical crates, 1x Food crate 1x Toolbox - some barrels. Blue keycard.
  • Blue room - 3x Normal crates, 2x Green crates, some food. Red keycard.
  • Red room - 1 Military crate, 3x Green crates, 3x Normal crates, 1x Toolbox, 1x Food crate, 1x Medical crate - some barrels.
  • 6 Scientists scattered throughout.
  • Size: Small

Implementation difficulty: Easy - I've set default perimeters to have this as a swamp-like monument, but you could just as easily remove the LakeV2 prefab and possibly the swamp fog and have it as a water-based monument as the ladders make this possible.

Hope you enjoy!



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