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Ksp Crash Site 1.0.0

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About Ksp Crash Site

This monument has blue card access and invisible colliders placed above & around all sides with the only access being the blue card blast door. Within the site a helicopter carrying toxic waste & valuable cargo struck the transmission tower leaving radioactive debris & valuables beneath. 


Large sulfur nodes/wood piles
2 x Meds box
7 x Elite Military Crates
1 x Green Crate
5 x Diesel Drum 
1 x Red Key-Card


As mentioned above i have placed the colliders to stop any access other than the use of the blue card door, It also has a heat volume, medium rad volume & a high rad volume.  The closer to the crash wreckage the player gets the higher the radiation will be. Players will need a rad suit, rad pills, food & possibly med jabs if they wish to get all the loot 🥵 💀

Note : You will need to add your own Npc's here using a plugin like botrespawn or simular

Includes Height, splat & Topology Mask's

Knightstalker's Collection

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