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Volcano-island 1.0.4

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About Volcano-island

A volcano island in the Rust Game World!

A green and life-friendly vegetation extends from North to South with mountains, rivers and lakes. You are invited to discover the abandoned fishing boat Lima and the HQM Quarry. On a smaller island you have the opportunity to assemble and equip houses in a village called island community. Back on the Main Land you can find the garden center, the bean factory, the super market and the star motel and hey, there is a small river running down the volcano.

In the upper region of the map there are places to rediscover: the Harbor, the Climbing Forest, the Train Yard, the Ranch, the Fishing Village and the Junkyard.

The Dome can be recognized easily on top of a huge mountain, but the secret is hidden inside: an underground military base. Driving up the mountain from the Custom Outpost surrounded by destroyed houses and factories along the Large Barn (where horses can be purchased) you can get your car repaired in the garage of a gas station.

On the mountain below a helicopter just crashed into a factory, firemen are around and a lot of smoke is in the air.

You need something? Roaddealer are at the bus station.

On top of the great volcano mountain a village was built. It is abandoned now but you can still buy a helicopter in the flight school. Down below there is a small town with a Fire Department, a church, a courthouse, a car dealer, a gas station and a wine shop.

Going East you´ll find Sewer Branch, a cave, a garage, the Water Treatment, a rail station and the Giant Excavator Pit.

Going through a tunnel to the western part of the island you can discover a destroyed mill.

Right in the middle of volcano island, right in the heart of a huge mountain, there is a big secret underground laboratory. A tunnel runs through the mountain to Launch Site next to Military Tunnel.

Not far away is the airfield and the Large Fishing Village with the opportunity to buy a boat.

Loot is also to be found at the Power Plant and the Mining Outpost.

There are many small islands around volcano island and you can explore there different buildings like the Stone Quarry, the Pirate Ship and the Sulfur Quarry; also the Lighthouse and the Bandit Camp.

For more fun head to the oil platforms located to the north and south.

With a size of 4000, Volcano Island offers tons of space for small and large bases.

Of course there are also lots of things to discover in the underwater world, such as diving places and underwater laboratories.

So what are you waiting for? Get a submarine and start exploring!


25471 Prefabs Map Size 4000




Two maps for one price.

in the download there is another map with more biomes. you can now also find the snowy landscape.

spacer.png spacer.png



1  Custom – Firedepartment
2  Custom – Church and Courthouse
3  Custom – Gasstation
4  Custom – Car-Dealer & Flight School
5  Custom – City
6  Custom – Military Untergrund Base
7  Custom – Wineshop
8  Custom – Mill
9  Custom – Outpost
10 Custom – Car Service
11 Custom – Garage
12 Custom – Laboratory
13 Custom – Garden Center and Star Hotel
14 Custom – Mining Outpost
15 Custom – Climbing Park
16 Custom – Trainstation

17 Custom  – Star Hotel

18 Rust Monument – Ranch
19 Rust Monument – Fishing Village
20 Rust Monument – Large Fishing Village
21 Rust Monument – Lighthouse
22 Rust Monument – Oil rig smal
23 Rust Monument – Oil rig big
24 Rust Monument – Unterwater Lab
25 Rust Monument – Fishing Village
26 Rust Monument – Bandit Camp
27 Rust Monument – Large Barn
28 Rust Monument – Cave Hard
29 Rust Monument – Cave Easy
30 Rust Monument – Freight Transit Line
31 Rust Monument - Harbor
32 Rust Monument - Watertreatment
33 Rust Monument - Mining Outpost
34 Rust Monument - The Dome
35 Rust Monument - Train Yard
35 Rust Monument - Sewer Branch
36 Rust Monument - Military Tunnels
37 Rust Monument - Launch Site
38 Rust Monument - Airport
39 Rust Monument - Junkyard
40 Rust Monument - Giant Excavator

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