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About KS Island 2500

This map was made small but with increased number of monuments to keep everything including your players close and your Enemies even closer! 🙂  

Fairly detailed terrain/rock formation layout to help keep things & players interested in their surroundings making most areas ideal should you encounter any others out on your adventures.
Full above ground railway network that spans to most large monuments & includes rail sidings.
Full Ring Road for a small part of the map including 2 mining outposts & 1 gas station.
Entity Count : 4464
Map Size - 2500
Rail Circuit
Ring Road
2 x Domes
Wider & Larger Rivers 
Large/Small Oilrigs - A short swim away
Bandit Camp
Large Fishing Village
2 x Small Fishing Village
Water Well
2 x Water Towers
2 x Mining Outpost
Oxum's Gas Station
Missile Silo
2 x Light House
Abandoned Supermarket
Arctic Research Base
Hqm Quarry
Sulfur Quarry
Abandoned Cabins
Abandoned Military Base
Large Swamp
Small Swamp
Custom Medium Monument - 'Sector 01'

Ionut Shiro's Collection

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