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About Kingdom Royale 3700

Kingdom Royale is a 3700 custom map started as a public comission for a brand new Battle Royale server for Rust , the map is purely adapted to battle royale style of gameplay.
All monuments are within reach and connected by roads from one to another , terrain is very unique and each monument has tactical placement using the terrain.
All puzzle monuments have extra elite crates.
Lobby island is surrounded by Invisible Colliders to prevent entering and exiting without being invited on it  , we suggest using a plugin if you want to use that island for your server.
If you don't want to use the island for spawns the spawn points are only on desert and temperate biome , no spawns on arctic biome or smaller islands.
There are no oil rigs , no underwater laboratories or underwater loot.
There are no underground tunnels , the entrances have been blocked by trash piles.
Map has beem optimized to the maximum to offer your players and server the best performance.
If you wish to make any changes you can do them using the password provided in the zip file or you can contact me anytime.
Password comes with the map inside the "Read me" file.

The map features procedural monuments 
~Procedural Monuments :
- Water Treatment Plant
- Train Yard
- Airfield 
- Power Plant 
- Launch Site 
- Satellite Dish
- Sewer Branch
- 1 Gas Stations
- 1 Supermarket
- Junkyard
- Harbor 1 & 2
- Harbor Lobby

~ Entity Count : 7000
~ Map Size : 3700
Password Comes with the map.

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