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Dalim 2.5K - With Launch Site 3.2

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About Dalim 2.5K - With Launch Site

Challenge your players with the split island layout and mountainsides in this beautiful and completely handmade map. To connect the islands, there is a fully custom made Above ground Labs (Underwater labs incorporated inside the connecting bridge), with its own puzzle for entry! In addition to my own bridge, this map features a beautiful arch bridge next to airfield, made by Bxrflip, and mixed in the iceburgs, a custom sunken ship puzzle made by Kaho. Everything comes together on this map to provide not only a unique experience that cannot be achieved by procgen, but a whole new level of resource competition that will keep your players busy all wipe!

Dalim also features a higher node count than typical procgen maps. Nodes spawn on all topology and biomes (Fields, forests, deserts, etc.) not just on cliffsides, providing a much needed increase in building materials. Your players can recover from a raid quicker or take care of upkeep in their massive compound, so that they can focus on PVPing. This is also a great way to keep players from moving on to a new server if their base is raided, since rebuilding a base can be a daunting task at times.

All of my maps have one goal in common, increasing engagement and retaining players. Through trial, error, and suggestions on my own personal servers, I can confidently say that this map is perfect for up and coming servers with pop at or below 50.

General Information:

Map size: 2.5K

Approximate prefab count: 5400

Custom Monument, Prefab, and Puzzle included:

  • Above Ground Labs - Integrated into the main Island connecting bridge. This is a very unique way to include underwater labs outside of the water. It contains multiple loot areas as well as a blue card shack for entry
  • arch bridge - outside Airfield
  • sunken ship puzzle

Arch Bridge by BxrFlip

Sunken Ship by Kaho

Vanilla Monuments Included:

  •     Outpost
  •     Bandit Town
  •     Lighthouses
  •     Dome
  •     Caves
  •     Junkyard
  •     Swamps
  •     Satellite Dish
  •     Airfield
  •     Military Tunnels
  •     Launch Site
  •     Both Oil Rigs
  •     Custom Above Ground Labs with Puzzles
  •     Mini Monuments

Password is included with the map file. After purchase, you may edit or adjust however you see fit.
To report bugs or give suggestions, feel free to message me here, or on discord any time: 𝓡𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓻𝓭 𝓗𝓮𝓻𝓽𝔃#0001

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