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About Cassiopeia 4000

Cassiopeia is part of a 4 maps bundle done under a request from someone where we decided to make them all public after they are finishednIt has an unique terrain and procedural monuments in unique locations and a procedural Outpost with an Airwolf Vendor and bandit camp vending machines + gambling wheel.

The aim for this is for pvp servers where action can happen between the monuments faster and more often .


Train yard

Satellite Dish

Sewer Branch

Launch Site

Water Treatment Plant

Harbor Big & Small



Military Tunnelsn

The Dome

Arctic Research Base

Abandoned Military Base

Big & Small Oil Rigs

6 Underwater labs

2 Fishing Villages

2 Lighthouses

1 Mining Outposts

1 Abandoned Supermarkets

1 Gas Station

Large BarnnMap size is 4000

Entity Count : 3230

All maps are optimized and made to be used on any type of server and to ensure performance for every player


Ionut Shiro's Collection

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