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Gift files, coupons and file notification improvements


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We've made several quality of life improvements for both users and vendors as well as added new features!

Similar Content
When creating a topic or uploading a file, similar content is listed to avoid conflicting content and to consolidate conversation to keep our site tidy.

File authors can now create coupons for their paid content to give a % off or a fixed amount. This can also be used to give copies away for free, other than manually generating the order.

Gifting Files
You now have the option at checkout to gift a file to another registered user. Gifting does not offer the gifter any restitution or rights to the purchased file(s).

Notification Improvements
Files will now only show as updated when the file version is incremented. This prevents files from showing as updated when details or changed, such as description and product images.

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42 minutes ago, thepiercedweirdo said:

Question on the gifting.
Is it possible for a user to buy another a copy of the same file?
I've just set up a wishlist channel on my discord and realized I may have handled things poorly.
Made it private for now.

Yes. You can buy as many copies or gift as many copies as you need.

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23 minutes ago, Death said:

Yes. You can buy as many copies or gift as many copies as you need.

Oh. Yeah. That'll be a problem then.
I'll have to rethink the process.
I can't stop multiple people from buying the same thing at once.
I'll just have to post one at a time.
The list won't really work.

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One at a time won't work either.
Still can't stop multiple people from purchasing the same thing at once.
I only need to own one copy of whatever.
So the whole idea won't work in general.

Edited by thepiercedweirdo
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