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JCMS | Auto-donate / Multi-language / Leaderboard / Roulette / Live map / Admin-panel and etc more...


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Not all functionality is described here, please, if you are interested, you can check out the latest updates on my YouTube channel.
Youtube link:  https://www.youtube.com/@jaehaerystargaryen/videos

Admin panel:
-> On the main page, you use the data on sales and deposits for the falling week in the chart.
-> Server console running on websockets and outputting everything that comes from the game to the API site in the time environment.
-> Possibility hardly through the HTML-editor of the page About the server, Project team, Answers to questions.
-> Create polls, it is possible to create polls in which users communicate with users after logging in and entering the game.
-> Settings. Here the use of API keys for the implementation of purchases in the discord, telegrams of the site administrator, as well as the IP of the game server, in order to reduce requests to the site API.
-> Create categories for the store.
-> System rights. There are 4 groups in total, user, moderator, administrator, owner. You can grant all rights from them, view any pages, receive or send messages to the console, buy items, etc.
-> Create shop items, offer, name, price, picture, category (you use the ones above), the command that will be executed when issued on the game server.
-> News, suspicions via HTML editor.
-> Create promo codes, use the amount that will be issued when used, the amount after which it will be deleted, as well as the hours of user registration, after the promo code does not allow activation (so that only beginners can activate it).
-> Shop, has a search for products, categories, modal windows for a detailed description of the product, when you click on a category, it will transfer to a page with a description of all the privileges that are also loaded into the database.
-> Statistics, displays user statistics with pagination of 20 pages, can be sorted by any column. Clicking on the profile picture will redirect you to the user's page with detailed user statistics.
-> Questions, server polls, charges through the panel, you can vote only after authorization and entering the game, it is checked against the game database, of course.
-> Promotional codes, their work is described above.
-> Cart, items after purchase go here. and they can be transferred in the game by making an RCON request to the server.
-> Reward system. When the amount of user donations exceeds N amount. once a week he takes some buns on the site, more donations, more buns can be *implemented on another site, there is a video demonstration.
-> Case system, with the ability to spin for each item, as well as a random number *implemented on another site, there is a video demonstration.












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Added server monitoring, data is taken from the Battlemetrics API, + VIEW button functionality = displays detailed information, everything is updated in real time.


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  • Administrator

Hey there. I redacted some information from your post as we do not allow users to list items for sale externally. This poses a danger to users and obviously a lack of revenue for the site. If you'd like to sell this product on Codefling you'll need to upload it as a file. We do not support cryptocurrency. Thank you!

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-> Added auth though steam:


-> Added a websocket to connect with the server, a demonstration of 'purchasing' an item on the site and transferring it to the game, beta version, will improve..



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-> Implemented adding a new user to the database and assigning him an initial balance after the first authorization.
-> Added test functionality for adding / editing / deleting items from the store + checking for balance for a purchase (the visual component of the menus will, of course, be different, the function is test, and it will look different on release)


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Added admin panel to еdit site resources Login is carried out after authorization through the Steam.
Authorization algorithm: -> Authorization through the Steam -> If there’s an admin.right, it shows a button for authorization -> the authorization page changes authorization through Steam + SteamID + the ability to check the IP address and only after prompting for a password.

-> Now the panel shows the number of users on the site (who logged in at least once) + online.

-> Editing locales the ability to change the translation directly from the admin panel.

-> Change project ID for monitoring.






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  • Jaehaerys changed the title to Website | Landing Page / CMS [paid]

-> The project is completely rewritten for the Laravel framework (using all its goodies, blade, layouts, middleware ..etc).
-> The multilingual module has been rewritten and is now implemented in vue.
-> Implemented [user-moder-admin] group system, the latter in the near future will be able to issue rights to SteamID, after which 2 will have access to partial access to the admin panel, rcon and ticket system, which is also in development.

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-> The store module has been completed.
-> Added the ability to create/delete/edit products via the admin panel.
-> Added the ability to issue a balance to the user, grant administrator/moderator rights to access the admin panel.

The store module currently has: A check for authorization, several security checks, a check for the presence of a balance, an alert in case of a shortage of funds and a successful purchase, the only thing is that ajax has not screwed on, so for now, after the purchase, the page is updated.

Demonstration of the creation of a product, its editing and purchase with the subsequent receipt of an item in the game, as well as the issuance of a balance and an administrator group for access to the admin panel, as well as updated functions for changing the videophone, editing the navbar:


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> Added an early version of the profile system that shows information about the player, namely:
->  balance, kills, deaths, cases in the head, rockets launched, how many resources were obtained, how much spent in the game, whether online in the game, etc.

(works with the PlayerRanks application, you can output any values with it, if you have any other applications you need, running on MySQL/redis/mongodb..etc, ready to connect them to display information on the site)

While the profile can only be accessed by URL, then it will be possible to search through a personal account that has already been created.

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-> Added a user profile page in the personal account, shows all users of the site, by clicking on the avatar you can go to the profile and see information, including from the game, if the person has never entered the game, a notification about this will pop up.



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-> The Rcon console has been added to the admin panel, it also shows the last 10 commands that were sent to it, namely:
- Nickname of the sender
- Direct sent command
- The result of sending the command (what the server returned, the first line)
- Execute time

The moderator group has access to the console, by issuing this group to the player he will have access to the rcon in the admin panel, but will not have access to the site editing system.image.thumb.png.8c82ce32b759576bc4e03774dc00779d.png


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-> Added categories to the store, also moved the store to a separate page (in the popular tab, you can introduce things that you need in this tab, by default all things are displayed there and sorted from lower to higher value).
-> Added some animations to the main page.
-> Changed block of rules.




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-> Add function deposit funds for RU pay services | soon for tebex.
-> The user profile now shows the number of successful purchases on the site, will be used in the system of achievements for purchases on the site and replenish the balance.



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Advance update
-> Site design changed by 90% + full adaptation for different devices [phones, tablets, laptops].
-> A block of reviews has been added, after authorization, you can add a review on the site, which will be in the reviews block after moderation (you can approve the review in the admin panel).
-> Added a block of information about the server.
-> Editing store products now takes place on a separate page for convenience.
-> Now the admin panel shows the latest purchases.
-> Added search for products for editing, as well as for viewing products in the store, the administrator can click on the picture of any product and can transfer it to the page for editing the product, if necessary, he clicked.
Development is 80% complete

~-> Added the ability to edit user feedback before publication (text, rating). 

Demonstration (website design, review block, product editing, product search by name): h


Mobile version demo:



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  • 2 weeks later...

Current develop stack:

-> Added SSR(server-side-rendering)

-> The admin panel, the profile system and the store have been rewritten, now the site will not be updated during the transition, any actions in these blocks, the same applies to updating, adding, deleting items and other functions of the admin panel, implemented using server rendering.
(the main page of the site was not touched, it works without vue and inertia, at least until the site is multilingual)

-> Added visual details such as nice hover effects on the button, notification at the top of the screen on successful deletion, or editing, etc... in the admin panel.
-> Added search for items, the search also occurs without reloading and items are shown synchronously with respect to entering a value in the search bar.

Demonstration of creating items in the store, deleting, editing, the store itself, and editing staff cards and nav.menu, all this was before, but now it is implemented differently and nothing is updated.


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The profile system is being reworked.
-> The profile system got the ability to customize the profile itself, at the moment the user can change:
* profile background color.
* the color of the circle on top of the avatar.
* your status, displayed under the profile.
-> Also added an online icon next to the avatar, the color of the icon depends on the state of the player: in game | offline | never visited the game
-> Added Leaderboard with filters, only works with PlayerRanks plugin, if you have another one running on MySQL/Mongo/Redis etc.. - ready to add that as well.
-> Ban list added, compatible with Encanced Ban System, there is also an option to parse bans directly from the server files, originally implemented on it (for option 2, you need SSH access to the server)
-> A shopping cart has been added, after purchasing an item, it is added to the cart on the site, from there it will be possible to transfer the item to the game.
Video demonstration will be one of these days, photo:


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-> A discount system has been added, it is installed on a certain product through the admin panel, if there is a discount on the item, the product is marked with a ribbon on top with a mention that the discount is valid.
-> Added a system of promo codes for a discount and for adding a balance.
-> Changed the design of the store, added the ability to change the colors of the item cards for yourself on the part of the user.
-> Added a preview of the item (information about it) when buying, as well as select the quantity.
-> Privilege preview added before purchase, this module is activated if the item category == privilege categories, everything is done quite colorfully, with an item description slider, as well as a 2nd page where a full description of the item, including whales and so on, according to the standard, you can display information about privileges and commands kits (the content of modals will be edited through json files in a special folder, not through the admin panel)
-> When you hover over some elements of the store, a hint now pops up for what it is needed, for example, when you hover over a discount, information that this is a discount comes out.


Demo of the profile system, with the store later:


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-> Added the ability to give a percentage discount to a certain user for a limited number of purchases, for example, you can give the nth user a 20% discount on the first 5 purchases, and these first 5 purchases will be discounted.
-> Added alerts when entering a promotional code | Not found / Already used / Activated successfully |
-> A page with all users of the site has been added to the admin panel with the ability to edit them, including balance, discounts, group.
-> The item preview section now also displays the discount. and if there is a personal discount, it also shows it, when hovering over a personal discount, it will show what percentage and how many times there is something left to buy before the discount disappears.
-> Added checks for the presence of a discount, if the user does not have a discount, the ribbon indicating the discount disappears from the product, as well as the crossed out past price.

Future plans:
-> Adding a bonus balance for replenishing an account using an accumulative system, the more a user replenishes the balance, the more he will be charged with a bonus balance, interest, minimum replenishment will be edited through the admin panel.
-> A system that allows a player to transfer bonuses to the game once a week depending on the level, the bonuses themselves are configured by the administrator, there will be about 5-10 levels, the level depends on the number of user donations, the more balance replenishments, the higher the level.
For example, a player who has replenished the total balance by 2000 USD will be able to take some whale or several items once a week and transfer them to the game.

-> Server information block on the main page, where you can describe your server, commands, privilege kits.
-> Redesign of the admin panel.
-> System of cases in the store.




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-> Added the ability to select the type of product when adding to the store: Item || Command, if the second is selected, a input line will appear where you need to enter the command itself, placeholder for enter nick: $client->steamid, it return steamID of the buyer item.

-> Added the ability by holding Shift to increase the number of item x10 by clicking, both increase and decrease.

-> Added alerts when purchasing an item. A successful purchase + displays the amount purchased by the user, and in case of an unsuccessful purchase, displays how much money is missing for the purchase.

-> Added the ability to enable sorting items in the store, in ascending and descending order, by:

- Popularity, the more often a product is bought, the higher or lower it will be.
- Novelty.
- Price.

-> Added search to the store.
-> Visually changed the categories in the store.
All of the above happens without reloading the page.
Demo(rus lang):


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-> Inventory has been added to the profile system, items after purchase in the store get into it, from there they can already be transferred to the game.

-> Added the ability to transfer items from the inventory to other users of the site, after the recipient can also transfer items to the game.

-> Now it will give the user bonuses for replenishing the account, for example, when replenishing the account by more than 1000 USD, 10% of the amount will be thrown from above.

-> And it will also give the user bonuses for the total replenishment of the balance, if the amount of the user's total payments has exceeded 20k, then he will also be credited with the n-th number of percent, compatible with the function above.

-> Added bonus reward system.

If the total replenishment of the user is more than X, then on a special page he will be able to transfer any items to the basket, once a week, the amount of replenishment required to receive the item once a week is selected by the administrator independently through the admin panel, there can be up to 10 items. The user selects 1 to choose from, after which he needs to wait a week again. That is, you can flexibly configure for many users, rewards from 500 USD. from 1000 USD, 2000 USD etc., the site does not limit in this matter.

-> Added the ability to connect multiple servers, it is necessary to transfer items to the game through the inventory, when you click on the button for transferring an item to the game, the user will be prompted to select a server for transfer.

-> Added modal windows, currently used in the inventory when choosing a server and user to transfer an item.

Video with functionality (rus lang):


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-> The leaderboard has been redesigned, both in design and functionality.
-> At the top of the list, a list of the largest donors of the project was added, quite beautiful (the colors around the number in the rating are taken from the color settings in the profile, the player can change the color himself)
You will add that you can sort by anything, both by balance and by time in the game, for example, I sorted by total account replenishment.
-> Added the ability to sort by all parameters of the list, in ascending/descending order.
-> On the main page of the site, modal windows with information about the server have been redone, the ability to show a map of the server has been added, and the design has been changed, when you click on Server Description or etc .. a drop-down list will open where you can insert some text or pictures.

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On 6/6/2022 at 11:30 PM, Death said:

Hey there. I redacted some information from your post as we do not allow users to list items for sale externally. This poses a danger to users and obviously a lack of revenue for the site. If you'd like to sell this product on Codefling you'll need to upload it as a file. We do not support cryptocurrency. Thank you!

based crypto-denier 🤝

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  • Jaehaerys changed the title to JCMS | Auto-donate / Multi-language / Leaderboard / Roulette / Live map / Admin-panel and etc more...

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