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Looking for a solution or plugin


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I am looking for a plugins that can make me set the life of every scientist, heavy scientist, etc. and the type of damage that is done to them based on the weapon.
For example :
With L96 if he is shot in the head 2 times he dies
With Thompson if he is shot in the head 2 times he dies
With Revolver if he is shot in the head 2 times he dies

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No, to do that would require the plugin to activate on damage, prevent damage and store the damage amount, check the weapon it came from, and apply the appropriate damage to them to compensate for the differences in the wrapon's actual damage VS what you need, if not a headshot or from a listed weapon, it then applies the damage. 

Problems :

1. Due to this, the `combatlog` will display an error message implying an invalid shot.  I have yet to find / see a solution to this issue.

2. You invoke extra server overhead on every shot a player makes. On a rent-a-server plan, you'll drag your FPS down the more combat is occurring. 

Possible alternatives:

Scientist dies on any headshot. 

Adjust NPC health so two headshots at average range kills them. L96 / Bolty already takes a regular smurf down with 2 headshots : I used to go to the Excavator with only 36 bullets and a Bolty, so with 100% headshots I knew when all 18 were dead. (L96 is nice, but Bolty don't need a scope, and the L96 is kak without one) 

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