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Introducing Codefling+


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Our new subscription service is finally here! Introducing Codefling+, or CF+ for short. This subscription is tailored to users who frequently use our platform and are interested in discounts and exciting new perks across our website and related services, such as Discord.

For starters, Codefling+ subscribers will no longer be charged a processing fee on purchases made. This is valid on all purchases made without limitation! In addition, the subscription offers various perks such as buffs to storage space, upload size restrictions, flood bypass for searches and reactions, higher quality image uploads, and animated profile pictures!

While these perks may be exciting to some, the purpose of this subscription is to introduce an opportunity to save money by eliminating processing fees. It's another step forward as we work to phase out fees altogether and instead offer optional paid services to those interested.

A full list of perks can be found at https://codefling.com/plus


What about Creators?

While Codefling+ is tailored specifically towards users, we do plan to release a separate purpose-built subscription for creators later this year once we implement more monetization options for you to utilize.

There will be an upgrade path should you decide to get Codefling+ and want to switch to the Creator+ subscription later this year. Creator+ will feature the same perks as Codefling+ with the addition of creator-specific perks and benefits. No info is available for said perks and benefits just yet.



The subscription is billed monthly, however, if you're interested in longer renewal terms you can add credit to your CF wallet and have it withdrawn there automatically instead. Additional renewal terms will be added in the future.


How to Signup

To access and manage your subscription, click your name at the top of the site to open the dropdown menu and select Manage Subscriptions. Alternatively, you can access it at https://codefling.com/subscriptions or https://codefling.com/plus for Codefling+ specifically.



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