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  1. PPlank

    Console Chat

    It's a nice plugin, really good idea to be able to see all the text chat in the console. A couple of things though... 1) It needs a time adjust as it's picking up UTC time which is an hour behind the server time. 2) Any way a player can copy the text from the console? Other than those little things, great job, thank you.
  2. PPlank

    Hard coded Rust location

    Hi Raul-Sorin, I have the same problem I had with StaticDispensers where the plugin is looking for my \oxide\ directory directly under the \Rust\ directory. Thank you for fixing StaticDispensers, can you work your same magic on this one? Thanks. -PPlank "Failed to initialize plugin 'aMAZEingPro v2.9.1' (Exception: Only access to oxide directory! Path: C:\GameServers\Rust\oxide\config\aMAZEing.json) at Oxide.Core.Configuration.DynamicConfigFile.CheckPath (System.String filename) [0x00029] in <c2afd8354b8b4f3ca451cf5a1aa111c3>:0 at Oxide.Core.Configuratio
  3. PPlank

    Hard coded Rust location?

    "Failed to initialize plugin 'StaticDispensers v1.1.0' (Exception: Only access to oxide directory! Path: C:\GameServers\Rust\oxide\config\StaticDispensers.json)" I just added StaticDispensers to my test server and it looks like the path to the config json is hardcoded (or it's assuming that the oxide directory is directly under the \Rust\ directory) so the plugin is failing to load. However I use the method where the server locations are set in a sub-directory at \Rust\server\ and the oxide directory is in a sub-directory of each server so that all my servers are together and I only nee
  4. PPlank

    Quarry Levels

    Sold! Would you also consider adding non-standard outputs such as wood or scrap for higher levels? Well, even for first level before upgrading. I feel this would be more of an incentive for players to seek out Quarries and Pumpjacks as I've made them rare on my servers.
  5. Thanks for replying, I understand completely. I learned a long time ago that if you don't ask you don't get. Oh well, thanks for your time.
  6. I'd like to be able to get players to compete more for "natural" air drops, including either massdropped via FancyDrop or AutomatedEvents. To do this I'd like the drops generated by thrown supply signals to generate less or no RP, while the natural ones generated a high value so it's worth players time to fight over them just for the RP, let alone what's inside them. Is this possible? And is it something you'd do? Thanks.
  7. PPlank

    Quarry Locker

    Oh, that's perfect. Thank you! The other plugin is now gone.
  8. PPlank

    Quarry Locker

    Do admins have access to quarry and pumpjack containers? I'm currently using the QuarryLocks plugin by Orange to lock them and it doesn't allow an admin to snoop inside the input and output containers of quarries and pumpjacks. (Even if the codelock placed on a quarry is opened with MasterKey, the codelock has to be removed to view the contents of a quarry which then leaves a quarry unprotected, and no reply to my question to Orange about it after 6 days.)
  9. PPlank

    Url Copier

    That would be really cool, thank you. If it could also be done via console too that would be the icing on the cake. I see this as a way of reminding players of special events coming up, and I imagine it could then be used with any plugin that supports console commands, such as greeting players on first join (I'm sure I've seen a plugin that does that), that kind of thing. Or you could add support for scheduled events and first join in the plugin? Oh! And maybe also the ability to send to individual players, and maybe optionally also groups? Default, vip+, vip++ etc. I'm not asking
  10. PPlank

    Url Copier

    Looks interesting. Is there a way of sending everyone on your server a note? Optionally players and/or sleepers.
  11. PPlank


    It's probably case sensitive. That's my guess. I'll be trying it out later today.

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