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Two Requests: Play Time Rewards & Parallel Currency for Shop


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I'm looking for two plugins, one simple and another a bit more complex. 

  • A plugin that'll track player play time over the course of a wipe and run a command at specified intervals. e.g. after three hours I'm going to give them permission X, three hours after that I want to give them permission Y
  • A GUI shop in the style of ServerRewards or Mevent's snazzy looking one that'll allow me to use both RP and Economics Coins and direct barter ideally. e.g item A sells for 10 RP, item B sells for 1 Coin, command C sells for 10 AK-47s. 

I realise the latter is a larger project so would be willing to offer some coin towards development cost, or if someone wanted to add the functionality to an existing shop I'd jump to buy it.

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