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Random Weird Plugin Ideas

The Friendly Chap

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A plugin that will cause the system to ignore equipped clothing. Either it needs to forget slot 0, or I need to be able to add a list of items to a cfg file that are ignored.
By ignored I mean that it will not affect what other clothing items can be worn. So I'd be able to wear a mummy suit, but wear other items *with* it. The cfg file options is so one can add other clothing items to the list of items that do not affect the ability to don other items. Done

2. I need a plugin that makes licence plates for minicopters. So it would have a "database" config file that stores some data.
     Flow : A minicopter spawns -> Checks Data file for last 2 digit number -> Increment by 1 (Numbers Wrap : 99->00 ) -> Translates the number to an image url -> Adds a "Small Wooden Board" prefab to the front of the minicopter -> Uploads the image URL to the board -> Adds the number to the cfg file, with player SteamID if spawned by a player. Rolled my own.

3. I need a plugin that "wraps" the map. So instead of reaching the edge, you wrap around to the opposite end of the map. But not right now

4. I need a plugin that checks for a permission, and if not present, displays a string of text across the screen that will not go away without the permission. (It would be nice if it used a 1x1 grid to reference the middle of the message so 0.5, 0.5 would be the middle of the screen. Done

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