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Looking for a developer who wants to take on the task of creating a silly plugin! We need some sleds in this game! Pretty simple in concept, I believe. But I'd like for players to be able to spawn in a sled to use on hills/terrain! Could use a boat, could be a custom rug, or some sort of contraption. It just sounds like it could be a fun plugin for players to use and enjoy!

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14 hours ago, thepiercedweirdo said:

I'm not sure how this would work. But I like the idea. Maybe use the physics of a dropped item?

Possibly, or the features of a horse/boat maybe? But, on land. I don't quite know. 🤣

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On 4/27/2020 at 10:41 AM, thepiercedweirdo said:

Oh. Sleds as in snowmobiles? I thought you meant just a regular downhill sled.

Either or really, not sure how it would work without it having the same mechanics as a motorized vehicle.

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