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That will be a hard one. The only hook im seeing for the Map stuff is "OnMapImageUpdated" and the triggering of opening/showing the map is all client side so you cant just hook that.
Then you also have the issue of the companion app generates its own map image.

The only way I can sort of see doing it would be editing the server files so it just currupts the map image with competely black image. But they will see be able to see it on there companion app and rustymaps if you have that extention.
Or make a map around the idea. Such as have all the land below sea level. Then use rocks for the terrain to be above sea level and use the broken monuments so they dont have markers.
Then they will just see a map of all ocean.

Youd probaby have more luck making a request to facepunch.
Spin it something like there is a softcore mode so why not add a hardcore mode with no map or hud.

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Just tell to Facepunch, please bring back "fog of war" feature as separate server command or new gamemode and make it by default OFF but if owners want can do enable it. This should be easy for Facepunch since they had exactly same feature working by default long time ago but got removed alongside with crafting map item and drawing on maps because they focus on fast placed game... They do not want people to run 10min and loot AK, Boom and shit so they add NPC's and cards to slow progression, researching etc but unlocking the map is big waste of time for everyone and got removed.

Please if you actually go to suggest this mention map drawing, it was epic... Can be added on both hidden and not hidden map gamemodes so people can draw again like before.

Note: If you actually want NO Map, NO Hud, Compas, Team Markers and Above head green names, etc would be great idea too as new gamemode but imagine they have to block in this gamemode also combatlog command or you can still see your HP and feel of playing without hud is gone if you can see this. But if they block combatlog how you can see cheaters or sus pvp info then? Ehh

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On 8/3/2021 at 9:36 AM, Krungh Crow said:

no map just put a big ass black mapmarker on it 

Here is something using that method and also nukes all the vending icons.
Just has a draw back of you can spam the view map key and still sort of make out the map since there is around 100ms delay between map showing and mark markers rendering to the map.

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just noticed the reply when i uploaded a mapblocker ^^.
mine just does not remove all current markers ^^ smart one 🙂
Does yours restore the old markers on unload or do you need to restart server ? @bmgjet

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On 8/7/2021 at 11:01 AM, bmgjet said:

Need to restart to restore them. I did play around with keeping a list and restore that on unload or to player with the map viewing permission but it got messy.

i made it disabling the broadcast for every machine and block broadcasting by players when they place and activate it  (will disable all vendingmachine markers) then it will make them broadcast again on unload so no restart is needed

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