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PLayerRanks => scrap total on a player inventory


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Hi guys,

My request is based on the epic PlayerRanks 2.1.6 plugin => is it possible to add an entry about the scrap total value on a player inventory in real time ?

Context : with some friends we're doing private short timed events on my dedi. We're using scrap like a score to differentiate ourselves during the game.

I'm only interested in this value when the command is initiated (if Player X got nothing on him, inventory only, value is 0) which makes things simple I guess. 

Tks !


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I'm not sure if that'd be popular as a public feature but it's easy enough to add - I wouldn't mind writing it in for you.

Not sure what you mean "when the command is initiated". Can you clarify?

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Posted (edited)

Yeah for sure. By that I mean when a specific command is entered by the admin (or some specific oxide usergroup) ==> all players inventory are then scanned and the scrap amount is displayed somewhere, ideally in the already existing playerranks GUI, like any public score.

For example : after a 3h run, the admin freeze everyone and send the command to check ppl scrap in their inventory. The winner is the one with the best amount, simple as that.

I don't need a continuously check on ppl scrap in their inventory. It's only relevant at the end of the run. They know the rules, they need to take everything on them just before it's over.

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