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#CrazyIdea - Fortune Cookies (Casual Questions)


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I do not have budget right now to request this but lets gather some info if possible... While used to have a breakfast one morning got this idea. Then casually asked one developer from here about possibility of this idea, but wanna also get more feedback from other devs too. I do not know what exactly should happen from crazy plugin like this but at least will have 1 custom item named fortune cookie with custom item image of course (if item can be replace of existing not used in-game food item would be great so people can native use it by pressing hotkey or from inventory via EAT, if not possible still somehow consume with LMB and so on will be fine...) Then player, in-chat or via notification or if possible in cool UI, will see the fortune (random message from all added messages in the config file)... Actual effects from using the cookie? idk... Other than restoring specific amount of HP, probably if there's something like Luck related gameplay bonus for using the cookie (increased chance for something or feeling lucky for something after consuming for set period of time), I hope you got my idea here. 

Still main goal is about cool looking (for the fun part) plugin with shine/crack or unwarp sound effect upon use and probably small particles and the main part is the message. Not aiming at special mechanics etc... About integration into the current server loot there are a lot of ways with other plugins to do implement item I guess even if its custom,  main idea here is to make it very rare for players to get one and have excitement to open it, not using them all the time.

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You gave me an idea now... Is it possible to configure text on notes from plugin config? If you unwarp the lootbag will do give the player note item only instead of all other stuff or sometimes bonus special item but still yeah note is the main goal from every unwarp and put the text form config on it...

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