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Test Generator power output


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I posted this request at the other site too, because there are very talented People on both sites so I'll ask here too!Could someone please make a plugin that allows us to set the power output of the test Gen. in rust, and also make it where the admin can set the output not the players, there is already one at umod, but know one takes care of it, and it seems messed up with the forum talking over there,I don't think anyone is keeping it up any more! Id be glad to buy the plugin if it could work where an Admin sets the power output, and then I sell it in my rust rewards store for RP points, or maybe use permissions to control the output power?

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  • zulg changed the title to Test Generator power output

The plugin on the other site, that hasn't been touch in a long time allows you to set the power output of the test gen from 100 to whatever you want, problem is if you put the plugin on it lets every one with a test gen set as much power as they want, everyone over there is asking if only the admins or players with permissions be able to set the power out put, Example I'm an admin and i set the power to 1000 and sell it in my store for RP points, the players who buys the gen cant take it back to base and set the power even higher, you can read all the complaints on the other site as well the U site, thanks

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  • Administrator

Your store triggers console commands to give items right? So if I let you set the power output via console command, you could sell generators at any output you'd want instead of relying on permissions.

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  • Administrator
On 4/5/2021 at 10:26 PM, zulg said:

oh i see yes it dose its the store from rust rewards!

If that's what you were wanting, I can see about whipping something up this weekend. I'll release it for free.

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Ummm ok thank you very much!

Remember let the admin set the power of the generator from 100 normal power to anything higher, then I can sell that generator in my rust rewards store for players to put down and use, but the players themselves can't adjust the power output after they get it! again thank you for the time and effort!

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