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custom Plugin for My Server


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I'm trying to find someone to create a custom plugin.

This plugin im trying to have made is mainly for events i run on my server. The idea of the plugin is this. Players can trade items to the server with a command so lets use 200 wood for example which gives them 1 Point. Now this point DOES NOTHING! This plugin would need its own leader board with command that shops lets say top 10. Each 200 wood they trade gives them 1 point and keeps adding up until we wipe our server.  I Would want the "Wood" to be able to be changed to what ever i would want in the config for item wise & amount of that items.

Little background on how i would use this plugin is currently my event on my server is a week long. Players are hunting Easter baskets that they trade to a Vending Machine. Each basket is worth 1 point person with the most points at wipe time wins our event which is $100.. Problem with doing it this way. Players cant see how many points they have. Plus i have to read the VM logs to find out who did sold that item and keep track of the points myself. Would help so much if my players could just do everything with a command and check there own points..

Some example commands

/event sell (Trades the 200 wood for 1 point)

/event top (Shows top 10 & Personal)

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