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Econ/Vending Plug confusion...need help



Greets all, sorry ahead as this may be a little long but feel I need to fully explain. I have a low pop server that is more like a special events server. Full custom prefabs on a custom World creator produced Map. Monthly we try to do conceptual types of themes and the next project involves Zombies (which we have never done,but seems like a lot do) Needles to say our concept has been outlined and now I am sitting back wondering how to execute it. The Map is not the issue but rather the plugins that I need to pull this off as it will require a full economy system. My issue is where to start with and what plugins do I need. There seems to be a lot of Econ plugs but I simply cannot figure out which ones I need. The basic premise is players receive an initial offering upon fresh spawn of 500$. They will spawn in/around the Compound area and use Vending Machines to buy their starting gear. No Kits. The idea is to eventually reach a main Island where Zomboys spawn and you get $$ for each Kill. PvP Kills also are included but both have a penalty on death. I am trying to figure out what plugs I need for being able to add my own type of currency to the vending machines,add the items I want to sell exclusively in said Vending Machines, Create custom Gear using said currency to Bandit Vendors as well. I also have seen a banking system that I would like to implement that one could use as a safe deposit box and/ or with the option of private banking (with high buy in) to store physical loot. I am just stuck at what plugs I would need.the problem here is based mostly on Vending. There are so many Vending Plugs out there I have no clue which one's I need for these specifically. I have viewed the pages and attempted to read through but cannot decipher which can do what. I was hoping that someone out there with a possible similar setup could expand Now, I know you guys are busy with your own servers so anytime one takes to write and respond will be greatly appreciated. Thanks All!

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