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Sneak Peek: Native Mono Profiling with Carbon!


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We're happy to announce Carbon's upcoming release of their Native Mono Profiler which gives servers the ability to profile their servers to identify sloppy code slowing down your server. While this tool is intended for developers, it is exceptionally easy to use for server owners to help identify slow and chonky plugins to instantly increase the performance of your server without having to jump through the rabbit hole of eliminating plugins one by one every time an issue arises.

This is going live next forced wipe but can be tested ahead of time using the Edge Build for anyone wanting to get hands-on right now!


What is Mono Profiling

The Mono Profiler is a Carbon built-in feature, offering high performance and convenience with minimal overhead due to Rust's memory and thread safety features, making it ideal for profiling your server and plugins more efficiently.


What is Carbon

Carbon is a high performance modding framework designed from the ground up to be more stable and performant than Oxide. We've made it super simple to switch over to Carbon by adding full Oxide plugin compatibility, as well as the ability to Drag and Drop oxide data, plugin data, and config files into your Carbon directory. There's absolutely zero effort required to make the switch, and all of your existing plugins will work on Carbon.

Not only will Carbon improve the performance and stability of your server, but our expanded framework and tools will make owning and operating servers a breeze with our in-depth Carbon Panel that allows you to control every aspect of the server and Carbon via an in-game control panel as well as Install, Remove and Configure plugins with our expansive in-game panel without ever having to touch .cs files ever again. This includes paid plugins as well (from Codefling.)

With over 2 years of development we're happy to announce that we're in the final stages of release now. Join the over 700 servers now taking advantage of Carbon's proprietary tools and give your servers the performance boost they need.


Questions? Need Help? Join the Discord!


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