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Regarding older skins


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Hello Codeflingers!


I am seeking information for a question that I have been trying to figure out for a while about older skins. Older skin IDs are not in accordance with the one displayed in workshop.


For example the skin for the tracksuit pants in Rust is 10049 while on the workshop the ID is 490773561. Using the workshop ID in Rust for this skin does not work. The same creator has a very cool tracksuit jacket with workshop ID 510327126. The same principle applies to this skin but I am unable to find short ID version for that.


In conclusion there are tons of amazing older Rust skins that use this short ID. I do personally prefer theses skins as they work much better with Rust aesthetics before the new skins went too tacky. Is there any way to give these old skins a use and find out the ID that is required to use for Rust.



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I know what you are talking about. As I remember, these skins are Version 2 (if you speak about them), but they work as approved somehow. Of course, because you bought them, and they have to be compatible. If you try to use them as custom skin it won't work. I'm running SkinBox on my server, and I like to offer cool, not-approved skins only instead of flooding the plugin with all approved skins you can already buy anyway. But when I tried then to add some approved skins, like Tempered AK, Rasta Beanie, etc., as custom skins, it wasn't possible. So I'm aware you can't add Version 2 skins or skins without any Version tag anymore from the workshop. Everything labeled with Version 3 will work 99% of the time. Maybe someone else knows a workaround...

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Thanks for responding,


As one (terrible) workaround I have been attempting to find what the skins 10000-20000 do. Looking at Rust approved V2 skin list few numbers in between are missing. A problem with this is that you have to apply it to every skinnable object to find what the skin is used for. Perhaps there is any tool or method to find what object the V2 skin ID is used for. Then there is only 10, maybe 100 thousand possible combinations I can go through 😄

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