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Hello, I've been specializing in creating distinctive Rust servers since 2017.


Our team is dedicated to brainstorming server ideas, crafting designs for your project's social networks, establishing a donation store, and designing it.

Most importantly, we ensure the comprehensive configuration of both your plugins and the Rust server itself.


All the plugins we utilize are exclusive. This exclusivity guarantees that our plugins boast superior functionality compared to their counterparts.


Upon completion of a project with our team, we offer ongoing support for the performance of all plugins installed during the creation phase, free of charge.


With over 20 successful projects under our belt, we've garnered a community of more than 20 administrators who repeatedly reach out to us with fresh ideas.


Should you have any inquiries, feel free to send us a private message : https://t.me/gt_manager


Design examples: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14YZ_BAD5OTExEgKTJkvXQD07-tLJz9an?usp=sharing


I think you can look at examples of sites and servers specifically for each project. Not sure if they changed anything there. I also don’t know if all the projects are working now. But I think something definitely works.

✨ from the latest projects:

Mango Rust

Connection address:


Unreal rust

Connection address:


Bio Island

Connection address:


Rusty Hood:



Moon Rust


IP, etc., they have them in the ds


Black humor Rust

Connection address:


Rust stone

Connection address:












DarkPower Rust




Hype Rust

Connection address:

make a server.png

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