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primitive server plug in?


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currently making a prim server for my kids as they're young and theres alot of weirdos on the servers i play (myself included) and was wondering if anyone knows a plug in too customise the tech tree/workbench, i went on one server and u basically had to research things in order ie, eoka 25scrap, metal door 50 scrap, bow 100 scrap etc but i have no idea how they did it and would love something similar for them, thanks

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your talking about this

Hardcore Workbench - Plugins - Codefling

(also our server is fairly family friendly) No racists, no hate, no homophobics and bullying is dealt with quickly. we have a full team of mods n admins always ready. your fams safe to come game with us and we have a primitive period at start of each month

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Late reply but might be helpful. Alongside ChillRoleplay suggestions you can check - https://umod.org/plugins/timed-progression
If I remember right, that helped me in the past to do one primitive start server like Rust Ages through the wipe. Maybe you can use the plugin and set crazy values for the time unlock on anything that's not primitive.
Also, if you need a truly permanent primitive server, just buy the AlphaLoot plugin and edit your loot tables to contain only primitive stuff. Then use CraftingController to block all nonprimitive items from crafting (then you can keep the workbench tech tree still), and then you can look for a NoUpgrade plugin of some sort to block upgrading to more than wood/stone, for example. Just use plugins if available to block whatever gameplay feature you don't want.

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