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Does AlphaLoot interfere with BotSpawn and CustomLoot



Does AlphaLoot interfere with BotSpawn and CustomLoot, i am wanting my botspawn npcs, to drop random loot from the specified config.

i have set up the loot.json for each botspawn profile, i have set each monument npcs to drop between 1-25 spaces of loot, bots keep dropping 0-4 loot spawns most of the time all being empty,most of the time the inventory will show 1-5 loot spaces all empty with  sometimes one space of loot from the config i have set up.

so i know the bots are receiving loot from the specified loot file .

the loot npcs arent dropping the correct spaces of loot from the file

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ill jump in there but im gonna go ahead and post, AlphaLoot for sure is conflicting, as soon as i unloaded the plugin it worked perfectly, maybe i can find the loot table conflicting with it and edit it in alphaloot


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i have updated, and now loot is being spawned after force wipe and all the updates.

NOW the problem is it wont spawn the correct amount, on all botspawn npcs enabled and disabled i have

"BotSpawn-The Dome 0": {
      "enabled": true,
      "lootTable": "BotSpawnT1",
      "maxItems": 24,
      "minItems": 4,
      "gunsWithAmmo": false,
      "noGuns": false,
      "MaxBps": 3,
      "MinWeaponCondition": 50,
      "MaxWeaponCondition": 50,
      "WaterPreFillPercent": 20,
      "ClearContainerFirst": true

i have killed about 100 npcs, they are spawning between 1 and 5 items, 

or am i thinking about this wrong about what maxitems and min items does?

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No, you have the right idea. It's working fine here, though.


I suspect you're not getting CustomLoot at all.

Maybe change "lootTable" to something new then in that new loottable just set weapons category probability to 1, and a bunch of individual weapons to 1.
That way it's super obvious if it's CustomLoot you're seeing, or just the regular rust loot.

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i did what you ask, reloaded botspawn and custom loot, custom loot is 100% working, but as stated earlier, getting between 1-5 items instead of 4-24, is there another setting somewhere that could be controlling the item amounts,

regardless of if i can get this fixed it not thank you for your time and your quick responses,i love your plugin, and it would be amazing if there was a way to get it to work with alphaloot

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