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Bug - Super Slowness

Closed 1.1.5


Just wanted to quickly report that the map runs perfectly fine until I get around the area of the map indicated in the screenshot, everything and I mean EVERYTHING drops to a frame rate of something like 5 FPS, the controls wont work, everything eventually slows down to the point where it freezes and then you have to close the game to get out.  If I exit the game, respawn...im ok until I try and enter the area where this green pool is at the bottom of this big canyon.  I run on a dedicated box via Icedhost.com, 10GB RAM, decent CPU, etc.  I've got the same result with 2 different accounts.  It seems to be just this certain area of the map causing all the woes.  Anyway, hopefully you could have a look, this is a REALLY good map so hopefully it's something you can find or do something about which I know isn't always the case with the updates Facepunch has pushed as of late.



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i will check this area, probably there some parts that were deleted from game but somehow still there ( already had smth like this before) 

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Just purchased this map and having the same problem. Cant even walk into this area or its so slow it causes a crash.

UPDATE checked some old plugins (maybe npc plugin) and old data files and removed them and since has fixed this area lagging

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