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Hello, I just wanted to report a bug.  On the map going through L9 to K9 in the water you will be underwater for a second, then drop and/or teleport to an underground tunnel.  If you walk forward through the tunnel, you'll teleport back to underwater, then back to the tunnel, etc.  If you turn back around and try following the tunnel to the light at the end, you will eventually just die immediately and then be kicked from the server for "InsideTerrain Violation 200".  To try this out, you'll want to enter the water right where my picture shows me entering to swim to that other island.  I'm sure this is a facepunch problem as I heard quite a bit about their tunnels not working last update.  Anway, hopefully this helps you track something down.



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Hin thanks for the info, I think I know what that is. It's late and I'm very tired, I'll have a look and fix it first thing in the morning. It's where the car tunnel is and the water trigger seems to be too far up.

Best regards ;)

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