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Weapon durability in raid zone

Closed 2.1.1

Had this pop up in the chat feed today. I guess it's been an ongoing thing. It may be related to FirearmModifier. Though I don't have any health alterations set. And from what they say it's only happening in the zone.



(16:48:52) |    General | Phoenix Down: is something going on? i just repaired my lr, then fired it a few times inside the raid zone at a zombie, and the durability dro
(16:48:59) |    General | Phoenix Down: pped to almost nothing
(16:49:10) |    General | Phoenix Down: happened earlier with aks too, thought it was a fluke but not now
(16:49:12) |    General | Titas: thats happen to me so many times
(16:49:23) |    General | Titas: m2 ak lr l9
(16:49:29) |    General | Phoenix Down: that's messed up
(16:49:46) |    General | Titas: yeah cuz you still take the loss on durability
(16:57:55) | say:: Is this just happening in the raid zones?
(16:58:08) |    General | Phoenix Down: unsure, but so far only in raids to me


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