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free to paid issue

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I helped a server moved to a free version but it seems the previous version the bases are spawning without problems but the new version the bases are not spawning properly i checked the debug and it says the ground is not flat enough so i'm assuming the new ground detection is a bit strict. any tips?

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this issue is due to the map.  some maps simply do not have good terrain. larger bases will have a more difficulty time with these maps

you can increase Maximum Elevation Level in the config but I strongly recommend against it.

it should be 2.5 and not much higher as this is the distance in meters it can spawn off of the ground

you can reduce Protection Radius to 50 in the profiles, but you might experience issues with clipping into terrain. this is your best option for this map

don't experiment with Protection Radius. if the dome does not encompass the base then the plugins functionality will cease to work properly

thanks for your support and let me know if you need anymore help.

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i'll try these inputs out. i think the reason i played around with the protection radius is due to pvp griefing via the circles. i guess this where the pvp delay comes in. thanks i'll update here once i've gotten some results for other users

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ah, right, i had forgotten about the Spawn Bases X Distance Apart option. that just came up as the reason for someone else with this issue.


no problem yw

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