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  1. hello RP rewards via serverrewards doesn't seem to work with alpha animals any thoughts? here is my confg "ServerRewards": { "Use ServerRewards": true, "Alpha Bear points": 30, "Omega Bear points": 15, "Alpha Polarbear points": 40, "Omega Polarbear points": 20, "Alpha Wolf points": 20, "Omega Wolf points": 10 }
  2. also, how does the standard monument location work? "Location setting": { "Type of appearance on the map (0 - random; 1 - own list; 2 - standard monuments)": 0, "List of biomes for random appearance": [ "Arid", "Temperate", "Tundra", "Arctic" ], "Own list of locations": [ "(-437.1, 62.1, -268.4)" ], "List of locations on standard monuments": {} Can I just type in launchsite? or is it manual? would be great to have automatic (just type airfield) and manual (lets say I want him to spawn inside the warehouses in airfield)
  3. saintmichel13


    hello is the pvp zone affected by those shooting from the pve zone? just had an incident today where players outside the pvp zone were able to shoot into the pvp zone. i'm using nextgenpve
  4. i apprecaite it! you can read my mind my man haha. excited when it happens
  5. hello - not sure if its possible. can it be done that if a base gets abandoned, it will automatically save a "copy" file with random name using the copy plugin? apprecaite your thoughts thanks!
  6. hello this is an easy one. can we do a public chat announcement of people who kills the boss monster or who gets killed. i think its a fun server interaction to cheer for those who are trying to kill or help him. If we get the PVP zone, then counter opportunities are also possible.
  7. hey guys this is a question for all server owners who use this plugin. how do you handle the left over raid bases built by the players? i assume it affects the spawning of npc bases. thoughts? thank you
  8. makes sense! anyway man up to you i'm just a fan thank you for this as always! i'm fine with how it is today
  9. thank you the use case are as follows - some players use /sar to make a PVP area so they can defend the base vs their friends or make arenas - some players want a simulated raid with bots that is not like raidable bases because its player made. they call them squatters in my server lol. they can't wait for some player bases to disappear but also would want to have fun while doing it.
  10. ok great thank you. i think after this the option to have bots and loot boxes spawn if its a natural abandon vs self abandon (so i can have the option to make my base raidable and i can defend it) -- otherwise bots would be the ones to defend.
  11. hello! i'm not sure if someone asked this already or if it was already implemented, but i understand abandonedbases tracks the abandonement hours based on uptime of the server. but my PVE server restarts everyday to manage server performance. can we make that it is not affected by the restarts?
  12. its implemented on my server so i know it exists. there is no "sphere" but the whole area in the cargo ship is pvp. it just uses dynamic pvp zone, zone manager, and next gen pve. its not performance heavy because there's no lag or any sort of performance issues. its been like that ever since. anyway i dont want to argue there are just my suggestions that would make your plugin better if you dont want to implement its fine
  13. hello, there are plugins that do this already like zone manager, dynamic zone manager, next gen pve... that can be used because other plugins and even vanila features are able to use it. some examples are: convoy and cargo ship are both moving and carry a pvp zone. what others do is when the loot is dropped e.g. heli, that's when a zone is spawned. i'm asking because i just recently had a player work on killing the mob boss for 3 hrs and another player contested the loot. thankfully he returned (pve server).


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