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A bug and a question

Can't Reproduce 1.0.0

A question first. How do I move the button? It's smack bang on top of the BackPacks icon. I've tried changing all the x, y values in the config with no success. I'd like it moved to the opposite end of the normal hotbar.

The bug I've discovered is that it jumbles the items around when you add them to a hotbar, so that when you select them you then have to move them into their original positions. This is very irritating for people with mild OCD like myself. 😉


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I'm not able to reproduce any issues with the position of items. Even copying the items in that hotbar, they all go to their appropriate slots. To move the button, change the values in the config for ToggleButtonContainerBounds. I can provide you the values later today if I don't forget.

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