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Exclude tags

Closed 2.1.4 2.1.5


How can I exclude tags from being shown in chat without excluding the whole category from the rankings?

Did "IncludeInChatBroadcast": false and "BroadcastTitleChanges": false but the tag still appears.

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Do you mean when a player with titles types a message? If so, I can make that optional.

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Yes, exactly. Not all tags are interesting to see so it would be good if one could turn them off without having to deactivate the whole statistic around it.

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What I just wrote was rubbish cause it has nothing to do with what I mentioned originally. Sorry for that. It's late. 😄

So, what I need is an option to turn off a tag so that is not being shown when the player who is ranking no. 1 in that case writes something in the chat.

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V2.1.5 has an option per category to disable titles from showing in chat messages from the title-holding player.
It shouldn't affect any other uses of the title.

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